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Faculty/Student International Travel Registration

The Chancellor’s Office Memo RM 2013-01 requires all CSU faculty, staff, and students traveling internationally on university business to obtain foreign travel insurance. CSU’s recognized carrier is CHUBB/ACE Insurance. AXA is an assistance service provider around the world. The insurance is brokered by Alliant and is purchased through the Foreign Travel Insurance Program (FTIP) managed by CSUN’s Insurance and Risk Management office. The insurance is designed to provide full coverage for faculty, staff and students while traveling and studying abroad, including general liability, excess auto liability, foreign workers' compensation, accident and sickness (including medical coverage), and executive assistance services. Furthermore, CSUN’s Insurance and Risk Management office covers the international travel insurance premium costs for faculty and staff, while students are required to pay for their insurance premium costs.
Please register here if you are traveling independently. Before starting your travel registration, please gather the following information:
  1. Enroll in the U.S. State Department’s “Smart Traveler Enrollment Program” (STEP) and download a copy of the profile page that list the country and dates of your travel.
  2. Check the U.S. State Department website AND CSU Risk Management Authority (CSURMA) website for city/state/country(ies) and all side trips you will be visiting.
  3. If any of the city/state/countries you will be visiting meets any of the criteria below, prepare a detailed security and safety precaution plan based on the Travel Advisory and/or Travel Alert for the respective city/state/country:
    1. Travel Advisory level 3 or above (from the U.S. State Department)
    2. “High Risk” or “War Risk”(from CSURMA)
  4. For basic (non-high risk, non-war risk) travel, allow for at least 3 weeks to process insurance requests.
  5. For “high risk” destinations, plan for extra time-allow at least 8 weeks to process insurance requests as these require both the President’s office and Chancellor’s Office approvals for the insurance company to provide coverage.
  6. Passport information
  7. Detailed Travel Itinerary (include all side trip & layover locations and dates). 
  8. Emergency contact information
  9. If you are requesting your campus department to reimburse your travel (either full or partial), please visit the CSUN travel website.
  10. For group travel, please contact Kenny Pineda ( or ext. 2331) to grant you group travel access to the travel registry application.  

For insurance coverage questions please contact the Risk Management and Insurance department at (818) 677-2331 or (818) 677-6830.